Why the Appalachian Trail?


The AT can be hiked in pieces referred to as “sections” or a person could do small bits as a “day hiker” and then there is the “through hiker” who begins his/her adventure at the most northern terminus known as Mount Katadyn or one might choose to begin at the most southern terminus known as Spring Mountain.  The entire trail is approximately 2,281 miles in length and should take about 150 days if the hiker can average 15 miles per day.  I will be hiking alone with my wonderful wife meeting up with me every five days in order to resupply my backpack with food and other supplies.  The plan is to blog a daily journal featuring photographs and descriptive highlights of each day.  As a result of this blog you should be able to know where I am on just about any day and thereby work out a time to hike with me for a day or week or more?  Looking forward to hearing from you.  Don H.